David Evangelista for the CBS Early Show discusses Fall Trends

Didn’t set my Tivo for this one, but David Evangelista was on the CBS Early Show this morning discussing fall makeup trends. 2006 is the year of bold glam. Not much, if anything, we didn’t know already but check out the whole write up here for this color recommendations.

Here’s the skinny on what David said:

1) Bold Lip color – he gives a lot of recommendations, but I still want NARS Forbidden Red with the Sephora lip pencil.

2) Eyeliner – I’ll stick with my MAC Dipdown Brown, and maybe add one more for variance.
3) Brow Kit – Apparently full brows are in. Not exactly what David means by full brows, but I’m a pluck-a-holic so I ‘m all set.

4) Thin Black Headband – I’ll probably pick up one of these at Claire’s, but I can’t imagine that it will look good on me. I guess there’s no harm in trying.

5) Dark Nail Polish – I’ve been rocking the VAMP since 8th grade so this is something nlw42.jpg that’s always in style in my world. I’ll continue to use Lincoln Park After Dark (my absolute favorite) and mix in some other deep colors to my routine like A Man in Every Portugal(which I think they may have retired).

Definitely read through the article, David’s a pro!

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