MAC and Me


I want to be a MAC face for Halloween! I am a MAC whore. I’ll admit it. I can’t stop buying their products and this time of year is especially hard for me. What I really need to do is strategize and budget, to see what I really need and what colors I have five times over, but I don’t.

I’ve already bought the Smokey Eyes palette and plan on buying the set of eye brushes. I also have just set my sights on the Soiree collection exclusively available at Nordstrom in the warm tones and the cool tones. I’m a sucker for anything with glitter in it. I’m sure that if there’s a dull moment at work today, and I have a fere minute, I’ll buy one.

MAC has also just introduced the NOCTURNELLE collection and I’ve decided that I need the new pigment in subtle. Here’s what really gets me – this weekend I was poking around EBAY looking for it and people are charging more than the store. I just don’t understand – where do they get off? At least wait til MAC is sold out and you can’t get online (with free shipping) and you can’t get it in the stores. It really irks me.

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