Review: Queen Helene Vitamin C Honey Peel-off Masque

The Beauty Bug is obssessed with masks/masques, did She mention that? She loves them. If She could, She would use a different one every night.

Last Friday night She tried the Queen Helene Vitamin C Honey Peel-off Masque for the first time, as a matter of fact, before now, The Beauty was a peel-off mask virgin.

Here’s the what they say the masque does:”Pure wholesome honey to help replace lost moisture, together with the antioxidant benefits of vitamin C, in an easy to use peel off masque.”

SHe put it on and it was a little messy and a bit sticky (not as sticky as pure honey, but sticky). When Her entire face was covered, the gel substance that the masque is just kept spuing out the tube so that was a little annoying, but She finally just shoved the cap on. Aftet putting it on and going about my normal Friday night of just lounging with The Beauty bug Boyfriend, haha She think he was a little scared. The Beauty Bug looked like leather face, or like She had a mask of myself on Her face. It was just really shiny. It was hard to tell if it was hard or not and when She should take it off, but She just waited the 10-15 minutes as it says on the bottle. Peeling it off was the fun part – it was like when you were little and had Elmer’s glue on your hand after doing an arts and crafts project. It was a bit uncomfortable, but felt good at the same time. After it was completely off (most, except a few flakes came right off without a problem) Her face was very soft. It’s a great masque for the money, and Vitamin C does wonders for your skin!

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