Morning Links

Get your $1 Beauty Grab Bag at – I just ordered 3 and I’m thinking about ordering more. I love surprises!

MAC Couture – I first read about this on MakeupBag. Not sure if it’s 2 words (just did a Google search for MACouture and nothing came up), or one, but whatever it is, it’s going to be unbelievable. I’m already overwhelmed by their holiday palettes, and want them all, and now, with the Couture being released in November, I’m in MAC overload and I love it.

Aveeno Anti-Aging Product Line – I’m excited about this because I think all of the Aveeno products are solid. I use my Postively Smooth moisturizer everyday, I love the way it smells!

Tarte All that Glitters Sampler – Of course it’s limited edition, but I want it because I’ve heard so much about their cheek stain and ths whole set isn’t even that much more than that 1 product.

$200 worth of Max Factor Makeup & $1000 to sell on Limbo. com for $3.06 and $5.36. Have you heard about Limbo? The auction goes to the lowest unqiue bidder. Lucky ladies, that’s for sure.

“Many Beauty Products Claims are only Skin Deep” – Interesting USA Today article

“Doing the RED Thing” – I’m sure everyone has seen the geniuous DesiRED campaign that the GAP just launched, well, this article talks about the significance behind that as well as Bobbi Brown’s Sparkles & Rubies line.

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