Berry Big Decisions

Ok, let me get all the puns out of the way first. In the current issue of Allure with Scarlett Johansonn on the cover, there’s a little blurb about berry lip glosses being a nice pick-me-up amidst all the “blahs” that come along with winter. So, it’s berry essential that I have one. I went to the mall today during lunch to explore some of the options.

Prescriptives Moonbeam reflective glossI was very close to buying this one, but I px_36e2_r150.jpgneeded to walk around with it on for a while and get use to it. In the tube, it looks very dark, but it’s not that extreme when you put it on. I think I like it because it’s less purple and more deep cranberry.

Lancome Juicy Tubes Smoothie in Exquisite – I didnt even know that 990738_308925.gifLancome had different types of Juicy Tubes – where have I been? I went to check out Exquisite because Allure recommended it, and it’s just not for my skin type – has a lot of purple it in. Alblaze looks pretty though, another one to check out on my next lunchtime beauty break.

Chanel Glossimers in ImaginaireThis one was my second favorite, because while still being a true berry color with a purple/rasberry tinge, it still had a sheerness to it with lots of sparkle. If I won the lottery, and could buy every beauty product I wanted, I would make sure that I have this one!

Pur Minerals Pout Plumping Lip Gloss in Deep Amethyst – Another one that Allure receommended, espeically for the paler ladies (that’s me!). I didn’t get a chance to check out this one yet because I think it’s only sold at Sephora, but I certainly want to check it out before I buy anything – but lord knows I don’t need anymore plump to my lips.

To be continued when i make my purchase…

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