$1 Grab Bag – What a Buzzkill

Wow, what a disappointment. A few days I told everyone how I was excited about Folica’s $1 beauty grab bag promotion, well I just received my Grab Bag and it’s straight up junk. It’s almost like they went to the dollar store and bought things for this promotion. I got an aerosol dispenser (I dont even know what this is, would this even be considered a “beauty product”?), a really cheap set of makeup brushes that looks like it can be bought in the children’s section at Kohl’s or Toys ‘R Us, and Dermanew Hydrating Moisturizer. The moisturizer was the only redeeming thing – it retails for around $30. I really don’t know what I was expecting, but I would have been happier with a bunch of samples. What on earth is an aerosol dispenser?

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