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Pink Ribbon Frenzy – Nowadays every big brand is creating a “pink” line of products, or adding a pink ribbon to their packaging to help find a cure for breast cancer. Ironically, these same brands maufacture products with ingredients that are linked to breast cancer. Interesting read.

Eyelash Transplants – I’ve read 2 seperate articles on these new transplants calling them the next biggest things – read the articles here and here. Here’s the skinny on the procedure – they remove hair from your scap, it costs $3,000 per eye, and the hair has to be trimmed. Ew. No thank you.

MD Skincare Cult Classic – Now that is a great deal! The Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel mdskin.jpgpads alone are $72. They’re great and chock full of vitamines.I’ve been using them now  for 4 days and my skin is glowing. I hope this deal is still around when I have to replenish my supply.



Glamour Magazine Learns the Hard Way - You know that section of the magazine where they highlight “Glamour Don’t” photos? If so, read this article?


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  1. tray

    I LOVE MD Skincare’s peel. I use this every morning and my skin looks so much more refreshed!

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