Bath & Body Works Twisted Peppermint

peppermint.jpg I’m still getting used to Bath & Body Works’ makeover that they underwent almost 2 years ago. I still associate them with their first signature scent, Sun Ripened Raspberry, somethng all the girls in my highschool wore, but I was never into. But now they are much more than that. Pre-makeover they only carried their brand, (which was a little boring for me, and a little old-ladyish too; I only liked the vanilla scents) and now they have added countless up-scale brands to their inventory and bettered their own as well.

Last weekend I bought a trial size Twisted Peppermint Three-in-One – it’s a body wash, shampoo and bubble bath all in one. It was only $3, so I figured, why not? While I don’t use it as shampoo ( I love my other shampoos too much), it’s great as a body wash. It’s cool and refreshing with just the right amount of vanilla….hmmmm. This is something that I wish they would carry all year round, it’s a great line and the new packaging is fabulous. Bath & Body works get a round of golf claps from the Beauty Bug. Next, I want to try the body scrub.

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  1. Atiyah

    HMM I may have to try this out. I like vanilla too much to pass up.

  2. Sara

    Atiyah – If you try the body scrub, let me know how it is!

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