In the past 10 years the only item that I’ve purchased from Clinique is their Turnaround 15 Minute Facial. I bought it after reading about it in Allure. They just aren’t and never really were on my makeup and skin care radar. For some reason, I associate them and their products with older women – just not having the “in” colors and not updating their makeup product lines often. While this older crowd may be their core customer, I think they should focus some of their marketing efforts to the 20-something crowd. I think it’d prove to be beneficial.

Anyways, why all this Clinique talk? I went to their counter at the local mall on my lunch hour today to try a sample of their 3-step skin care system. I had heard about it on the radio and was curious. Unfortunately, they were all out, and the sales girl said that most Macy’s in the area were out too. Why didn’t they pull all the radio advertising? That irked me. Anyways, I was over at the counter so I took the opportunity to look around. The Pink Chocolate collection was extremely nice (in store in November) – Erika from the Makeup Bag breaks it down for us here. I want the Shimmering Tones powder. The Spicy Eye Shadow quad also caught my eye (the picture really doesn’t do it justice) – the sales girl was wearing is and I asked her show it to me. It reminded me a lot of the LORAC Snake Charmer palette (minus the blush), but was $25 instead of $35 – I was expecting it to be more. I also got a sample of the Superdefense Moisturizer, which I like. It’s heavy, but it’s the kind of thing where I know I’ll wake up in morning with soft moisturizes skin.

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  1. Erika

    I hate it when they run out of samples too! I just had a coupon for a free Victoria’s Secret lipgloss and I went to three different stores in my area and all of them were out. Total bummer!

  2. Rene @ Blog for Beauty

    I love the clinique 3 step, you should def try it out. i have absolutely no zits anymore, and their moisturizer is a dream – skin is so dewy and smooth! i even tested it out for a month and recorded it on my blog :P but i think you should take the skin care analysis before trying anythign out, cause it doesnt work unless you get the right products in the range for your skin type!

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