Afternoon Links – 11/2/06

Free Black and White Wristlet with any $39.95 order on – Free shipping is offered too – not a bad deal! There’s so many freebies on all these websites, I could go broke!

Bons Bons in the Bath discusses red lipstick – Anyone can rock the red lips and this post will tell you how.

A different kind of makeup – Tales from a CSI makeup artist. It’s really an interesting read – he says that sometimes the actors he makes up don’t like to see themselves with all the blood and the gore so they lay down while the makeup is being applied and never look in a mirror.

Ulta is giving away free Smashbox gift sets - Click the link to get the coupon which is valid from 11/10-11/12. I wish there was an Ulta in Boston!

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  1. Christina Hull

    Hi, I totally stumbled onto your blog and was very pleased to see Bon Bons in the Bath mentioned here. Thanks! Hope you and your readers found the post helpful.

  2. Sara

    Thanks Christina – I love your site – it’s one of my daily reads!

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