NIA 24 – Niacin-Powered Skin Therapy

nia2.jpgNIA is a MicroNutrient Delivery system that goes beyond topical application and brings your skin a continuous release of Niacin. What is Niacin you ask? It’s a skin builder that stiumlates DNA repair and builds the skin barrier from the inside out to make your skin more resilient to sun damage. NIA’s tag-line is: “A simple protocol for anyone who wants stronger, better skin.” That all sounds very medical to me.

I got the set of NIA’s skin therapy regiment (3 steps) in my first Test Tube. I was intrigued by it because I visited their website and it said the product was only available through doctors, so I knew that they meant business! The line is based on 25 years of biomedical research and is 3 steps of action – pre-damage, pro-active, and an antidote to diagosed problems.

1) Physical Cleansing Scrub

2)Skin Strengthening Complex

3) Sun Damage Prevention Mineral Sunscreen ( I dont necessarily think this is step 3 in your night cleansing routine)

Tonight I washed my face with the Physical Cleansing Scrub and I really like it. My face is extremely soft and only a small amount took off my usually stubborn eyeliner, which leads me to believe that my face got a thorough cleansing. It left my face extrememly soft, calm and soothed. It does have a resurfacing agent in it, so I will only use it 2-3 times a week.

As with any product I try, I really don’t know if it’s doing what it says it will, but listen to this – NIA has just been chosen by the National Cancer Institue for development as a potential skin care prevention agent.

P.S. – It’s not only available through doctors – you can but it here.

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