Morning Links – 11/06

Lots of links this morning!

Whole Foods launches mineral makeup line – The line will be called Mineral Fusion, carrying 102 products priced from $15-$37.

Nadine’s Beauty Secrets is hesitant about black nail polish – *GASP* Are we reading this correctly? Haha, I’m just kidding, although I love my Lincoln Park After Dark and have been rocking the dark colors for years, I have to agree, it’s very ugly when it starts to chip.

Makeup Fashion Style shares Sephora promo codes for free stuff with your purchase – don’t buy anything from Sephora before you check this out.

Lisa Hoffman, Dustin Hoffman’s wife is launching her own skin care line – she promised that it would be – “definitely very sparkly – definitely sparkly.”

Simon Cowell is launching his own line of grooming products – Does this make sense coming from a man who only wears black t-shirts?

And now, my favorite link of the day…

Create your own custom blend lip gloss at Perscriptives – You can even add your own custom flavor/scent – I added icy mint. The website itself is very fun to play around – it kept us busy for some time just experimenting with color. The only thing, it’s a bit pricy – it’s $26.

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