Beauty Buyable 2007


I bought the Beauty Buyable after reading about it on All About the Pretty. As she points out, it’s really a cute idea, and I’m surprised this is the first one of its’ kind. First it was the Test Tube, and now this – I’m predicting that sampling programs will be popping up all over the place soon.

For the Beauty Buyable a beauty writer (Paula Conway) and an author (Maureen Regan) teamed up to collect best practice tips from the experts and consulted with them on the best beauty buys out there today. They categorize the products by prices – there’s low (<$10), medium ($10-$20), high ($20+) and outrageous (unmanageable or most people). For $12 on Amazon, it's not bad, however I would not pay the full $19.95. It's more fun and fluffy than resourceful, and while the presentation and packaging are inviting, the quality is lacking. I don't consider it as valuable is the InStyle Beauty April Issue - but I enjoyed the Insider Tips, and it comes with some samples. Here's some more of my comments:

  • Shouldn’t this be Beauty Buyable 2006 where all the products from 2006 are reviewed? I’m confused.
  • The very first thing I do in any “best of beauty” list is flip to the mascara section and sort of judge the list by that section. I was a little disappointed with the mascara section; all they had was waterproof and lengthening. What about thickening?
  • The samples are just so-so. There are lots of brands I have never heard of (Schwarzkopf *spelled wrong in the menu of the book*, Cat Cosmetics, Vitabath, Profoot) mixed in with Nivea, Cetaphil, and Banana Boat – mixed in with a infused powder drink that’s supposed to help soften fine lines and wrinkles. I don’t think I will drink that. I was missing the Selona Whipped Body Butter sample.
  • My favorite samples were MD Skincare Maximum Moisture Treatment and BioSilk Silk Therapy.

P.S. I almost felt as if I was being too negative writing this review, but felt better when I read this comment that Sonia wrote on All About the Pretty:

“I recieved mine today and much preferred the samples to that awful book, though I agree with Beauty Bug that the overall quality of the samples left much to be desired.”

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