Sephora Beauty Advisor to the Rescue

If you’re like me you want to try every skin care brand there is. Sometimes you buy a full sized product, while other times you get a sample. There’s 2 potential problems to this scenario. Number one – you never ever finish off an entire bottle of tube of anything (that’s not really a problem – just gets to be expensive) and number two – how does that effect your skin? Clearly, it’s not harmful but I started thinking that maybe it wasn’t the most effective skin care regimen. Would it be more beneficial for me to stick to one product rather than experiment with many? I did some research on the topic and after coming up with nothing, I decided to email a Sephora Beauty advisor.

Beauty Bug: I currently use a variety of products because I’m interested in experimenting with different brands. I own a lot of moisturizers, masks, eye creams, etc. and also get samples. Is this bad for my skin? Should I stick to one product for consistency?

Sephora Beauty Advisor: Most skincare lines are designed to be interchangeable with other skincare lines. With this in ming, using multiple skincare products concurrently is not necessarily bad for your skin, howeber, your primary focus should be choosing products that will best address all major areas of concern whether the items are from the same skincare line or not.

Also, please remeber that in order to see maxium results with your skincare regimen you must continue usage for at least 30 days. This is due to the fact that the average skin cell has a life cycle of 28 days to renew and regenerate itself.

So, with all that being said, my new goal is to try not to be distracted by the mess of creams and serums that I have in my inventory and to try to use one for 28 days straight.

I have to say, I’m very impressed that I got a personalized answer within hours. Thanks Sephora, you continue to amaze me!

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  1. Janet Sisson

    I use Philosopy anti-aging and night cream. Their Day moisturizer, Hope in a Jar ,is not enough for me. I also use some Dr Denese products. Should I buy a Dr Denese Day Moisturizer or is it a good idea to use something else? If yes, what product is good for dry senestive skin, with an SPF? I am reading above that it is best to stick to a product within the line of products you are useing. Help! Thanks

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