(Ken) Paves Professional Shampoo and Conditioner

kp.jpgStylist to the stars (best known for Jessica Simpson and Eva Longoria), Ken Paves, has just released his new line of hair care. Before I get into the review, I just wanted to comment on the marketing, or lack there of, behind this product line. I just happen to come across it while reading an article about celebrity stylists, but other than that I haven’t seen any advertising for marketing at all. Where’s the banner ads targeting all the tweens who were Newlyweds loyalists? Where’s the magazine ads? Where’s the celebrity endorsements? I just think he’s missing the boat big time.

Flawless No Sulfates Allowed Repairing Shampoo
I really like everything about this shampoo. Although the bottle says it’s fragrance free, it has a very clean, fresh smell from the essential oils in it. It’s a bit thick coming out of the bottle, but lathers nicely in your hair. For $5.99, it’s a great buy.

Flawless Undamaged Goods Deep Repairing Conditioning Milk
This is a great product as well. It’s lightweight, moisturizing and very creamy. For thicker hair (I have curly hair that I straighten) that may need a little more moisture, I suggest using a little extra than normal. Again, this is a great buy for $5.99.

After I got out of the shower my hair was soft, and it was easy to put a comb through. After blow drying, my hair is lightweight, shiny and silkly and just feels really good.

It seems like the release of this shampoo and conditioner is very timely because more and more I’ve been coming across articles about chemicals in makeup and haircare. The Paves Professional line is available at Walgreens. Take a good look at the bottle above so you know what you’re looking for because they are easily lost in the sea on drug store shampoos!

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