Morning Links – 11/8

bbbar.jpgBobbi Brown Beauty Bar – Bobbi Brown hit it big with her sold out everywhere on Ebay for $150 Chocolate Palette, so she’s back, but this time with a real candy bar. It’s packed with antioxidants that are great for your skin so you shouldn’t feel that guilty about eating it!

FabSugar Goes Inside Sephora – I got more and more jealous reading this – working for Sephora is my dream job as well. Surprised to read that they have a dress code.

The Amazing Power of Makeup – Beware – celebs with no makeup! Most of these photos have probably been circulating the internet for a while on various sites, but they are always fun to look at.

Who’s Behind the Bottle? – Good Housekeeping breaks down all the celebrity stylists and their lines of hair products.

Projected fashion and beauty trends for 2007 – My favorite – the trend towards do-it-yourself spas.

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