Origins Youthtopia

org_09gl01_short_lrg.jpgI’ve seen so much marketing for the new Origins Youthtopia (skin firming cream with Rhodiola) that while at the mall the other day I went over the ask for sample. The story behind this product is that it contains special ingredients from a very far away magical place. Ok, so maybe not magical, but half of that is true. Rhodiola is the “golden root” and as legend says he who obtains the golden root will be “happy, healthy and live for two centuries.” The formula promises to retrieve skins’ youthfulness and reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

As I normally do, I went to the website to read up on the product and started experimenting with it. It smells absolutely fabulous – like you are spreading a Starbuck Chai Latte all over your face. For me the consistency is what is holding me back from buying a full tube. It doesn’t blend well enough to be a day-time cream to wear under your makeup (my face was very shiny for some time after applying the cream), and it’s not thick enough to constitute as a night cream (rememeber, night creams are supposed to very thick to penetrate the skin).

However, because I do like Origins and because I think they have quality products, I think I’m willing to give this another shot. Maybe my willingness has something to do with this stat posted on their website:

In 8 week clinical tests, women who regularly used Youthtopia™ Skin firming cream with Rhodiola experienced a 44% reduction in the look of lines and a 61% lift in skin’s appearance.”

Youthtopia retails for $47.50

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