Said the Sephora Skin Care Consultant to the Beauty Bug…

Ever since I started this blog, I’ve made it a point to visit Sephora more frequently. It wasn’t as if I ever needed an excuse to go before, but it’s great now because whenever I go I get some good content and meet some nice, resourceful people.

I’ve been having sort of a writers block these past couple days, so I figured that I’d take some time this afternoon and go to Sephora. As I entered, a huge smile spread on my face because the store itself was just glowing from all the new holiday decor.

I made slowly made my way back to the skin care department and began talking to one of the consultants. I wanted to inquire about the Korres Yogurt Mask and maybe get a sample (I have NO shame when it comes to asking for samples, I have to get these products to review somehow!). We began talking:

Sephora Lady: “How old are you, 20?”

Beauty Bug: “No, I’m actually 25.”

2 minutes pass…

Sephora Lady: “You’re 25 and you already have all those fine lines on your forehead!”

Well jeez lady, thanks a lot – aren’t you nice! Just what I wanted to hear! First you ask me if I’m 20, then you tell me that I have a lot of fine lines for a 25 year old?!? How wude!

We continuted our conversation and I jokingly brought it up again (the Beauty Bug is NOT shy), kind of hinting at the fact that I thought it was inappropriate to say and she laughed it off and said maybe it was because I have thin skin (which I don’t even have). WHATEVS!

All is well though because she ended up giving me a sample of the Skyn Iceland Cool Detox Face Mask – one mask is about $13.75 so I thought I got a pretty good deal. Since launching the line, they company has changed the packaging so she took one out of the old packaging for me.

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