What’s in her makeup bag?

When the Beauty Bug was about 1, she’d love to rummage through purses that ladies left on the floor. Her mother would leave her with a purse, and she would be busy for hours.

Things haven’t changed much! Here’s Renee from Blog for Beauty telling us what’s in her makeup bag…


A kind reader sent this over to me after I wrote about how it’s not sold here yet! This is great for (obviously!) a little bit of shimmer on your collarbones, over your eyeshadow, bronzer, etc. It’s a little too light as an individual eyeshadow, but this is great for layering on some shimmer and shine!

Chanel Teint Fluide Universel Foundation

When I do wear foundation (I try to avoid putting anything on my skin!) I wear this. This coverage is light and pretty sheer, and the finish is quite dewy looking, which I love.

Bourjois Noir & Blanc Eyeliner

This is a two sided eyeliner that I love – white and black eyeliner. I hardly use the white side but both are so deep in color. I love the black side, I would still buy this only for the black! It looks like liquid liner after it’s been applied and is the darkest black I’ve ever seen!

MAC Platinum Bronze*

I don’t like pinkish blush, I feel too pink in it! So I use bronzer as blush, which is better for me. This is called Gorgeous Gold and yes, it is gorgeous! It’s a light tan color that stays on all day, until I wash my face!

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler

I dont know why this is so popular, but I bought it anyway. This honestly doesn’t do anything to my lashes, I find it’s too wide for my eyes and because of that, it clips my skin on the edge!

The Body Shop Shimmer Waves Bronzer

This is an eyeshadow and bronzer/blush set, but I use it as eyeshadow because it’s way too shimmery as a blush or bronzer! This thing has the most amazing colors, and if you mix and blend them together, the result is beautiful! This shadow stays on forever as well, without any eyeshadow primers at all. I love the colors and I’ve been using this for almost 2 years, and is still a favorite of mine. I higly reccommend this!

MAC Eye Kohl in Teddy

When I need a brown, lighter eyeliner than black, I use this. MAC eyeliners have been a favorite of mine, and before I bought this, I had about 3 years worth of their “Engraved” eyeliner. This tiny thing will last forever! *The Beauty Bug has this in her makeup bag as well!*

Clinique Active White Refreshing Spot Concealer in 01 Refreshing Fair*

I just found out this has stopped its production, and I dunno what to do! This thing is my exact skin color and stayed put the whole day.

Lancome Mat Finish Loose Powder in 04 Peche Doree*

I got this and a whole lot of lancome products after I did a job for them. This gives such good coverage, I love it. Like the names says, it goes on very matt and smooth. This lasts pretty long, and I only ever get “shiny” at the end of the day, so it lasts all day without needed touch ups.

Maybelline Unstoppable Mascara

One of my favorites. This has tiny fibres that stick on your lashes to make them even more longer. Once, my lower eyelashes looked so long, I had to cut them! However at the end of the day, there is slight flaking of the fibres!

*The Beauty Bug couldn’t find links to these items – either they are only available in Singapore, or they are discontinued.

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