Origins Holiday Gift Sets

I’ve been paying more and more to Origins and their products these days. It all started when I bought their Clear Improvement Mask after my Mario Basecu esthetician told me that my pores are clogged. Then, my friend Julie was in town and I complimented her on her lip gloss – turns out it was Origins Raspberry Truffle and it was recommended to her by a makeup artist as a color that looks good on everyone. This past weekend I was in one of their stores and my eye caught some of their holiday gift sets. Here are my favorites:

mini-break.jpgMini Break – This includes three 1.7 fl. oz tubes of their Clear Improvement mask, Modern Friction (microdermabrasion), Checks and Balances Frothy Face Wash. When I was in the store a women came in an went right for this face wash and the Origins employee went on to say that it’s one of their signature items and everyone seems to love it. If only I didn’t have 4543444 cleansers to use up…..

Ginger to Glow – This includes two 3.4 fl. oz tubes of Ginger Souffle Whipped body cream and Limited Edition Ginger Glimmer. Origins has won an Allure Beauty award for their Incredible Spreadable Scrub (also in the Ginger line) so I can’t wait to try these other 2 Ginger products.

I also found another set in-store (that I can’t seem to find online) called 24/7 Perfection which included items from their High Potency Night-a-Mins line as well as their Perfect World White Team Skin Guardian. I wish their site was just a bit easier to navigate – I’ll have to go back to the store to get more info on this set…and maybe buy it!

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