What does Sephora mean?


I was just sitting around my office looking at my recent Sephora purchases, and a question popped into my mind – what does the word Sephora mean? It’s a word that I use several times everyday – but why did they decide to name the best store on earth Sephora? My boyfriend consulted Wikipedia for me – here’s our answer:

“The name Sephora comes from the Hebrew name Zipporah, a Jewish convert that became the wife of Moses. Zipporah can mean either female, little bird, or beauty as well.

“Sephora is a name that is synonymous with beauty. Zipporah is a biblical name; she was the wife of Moses and the daughter of a nomadic chief. She was renowned for her exceptional beauty. Sephosis the Greek term attributed to beauty and vanity and the combination of the two words became Sephora.”"

Sephora – a word coming from our own heritage!! The Beauty Bug’s name in hebrew means princess!

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  1. Rene @ Blog for Beauty

    Wow, that is so cool! My name in french means “re born” :)

  2. joy

    finally, i have the answer to my qustion. When i worked for Sephora years ago i asked my manager what the word meant and she didnt know, noone knew! Thanks!!!

  3. Sara

    Thanks for your comment Joy – I just emailed you!

  4. Lydia

    Finally! One of the great mysteries of the world solved! Thanks.

    Love the blog! :)

  5. sephora

    Thanks. That is actually my name and all I knew about it was that I was name after Moses’ wife because my parents are religious and made me watch the movie so many times. LOL. Now I can be really appreciative when someone tells me that I’m pretty..LoL.

  6. jessica

    actually,the manager at my store told me its..latin i think?and it means ‘flame’

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