Calling all Online Cosmetics Buyers…


Before you purchase anything at Sephora using the friends and family discount, make sure you register and purchase through Ebates. What is Ebates you ask? Here’s the lowdow for you:

“Ebates earns sales commission from merchants. Most sites keep the money, but not Ebates! We turn this commission into Cash Back and send you the savings in the form of a Big Fat Check!”

Check out all their coupons and offers here. Basically, you earn any where between 1%-12% back depending on the retailer, and they keep track of your earnings in an account for you. I really wish I knew about this when I placed my last Sephora order…oh well! In addition to offering ebates at Sephora, they also offer them at, Saks, Neman Marcus,, and Nordstrom.

Oh, and make sure you tell them that I referred –

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