Aveda Lip Gloss Swap

Just an update on my Best of Origins post from yesterday – you can get the Best of set here for $75 and free shipping. Again, it’s a limited time offer.


Amidst all the craziness of Black Friday, the most exciting deal of the day for me was when I was walking by the Aveda store and saw a sign outside that read “Trade in your old Lip Gloss for a new Aveda one.” And it was just as straighforward as it read, you just couldn’t trade in an old Aveda one for a new Aveda one. Lucky for me, I happen to have an old Bonne Bell lip gloss that I got from Walmart years ago and it was definitely due to be thrown out soon. I went in and exhanged it for a new Aveda Pink Vapor Lip gloss ( I could choose between that and this weird orange color) and I was one very happy Beauty Bug – especially I’ve never used Avdea makeup before.

Hope everyone else did good shopping and got good deals!

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