“Never Under Estimate the Power of a Lipgloss”

Sephora has just released their holiday E-Card, and it’s really adroable. It’s nondenominational and just perfect. Here are some screen shots:





I must admit, I wasn’t loving the whole “circus” theme prior to seeing this, but now they’ve won me over. You can’t go wrong with the “kiss the frog he turns into a prince” theme.

To send it to a friend, click here. Also, watch the card play out in its entirety and sign up for a free delux sample of Lipfusion with any online purchase. Don’t you love the holiday season?

2 Responses to “Never Under Estimate the Power of a Lipgloss”

  1. Lydia

    I completely agree–I’m not a huge fan of the circus thing either. Since when could an average woman pull off a bright pink harlequin painted over her eye? *shudder*

  2. Sara

    Completely agreed Lydia – instead of the bold pinks and blues, I would have like to seen a shimmery sparkly theme.

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