Links – 11/27/06

Botox At the Mall – I am appauled by this. I want to know that I’m in a nice, sanitary doctor’s office and it’s safe and reliable. I can’t even imagine going to the mall and having a Botox injection while smelling the friend food from the McDonald’s at the near by food court. Botox is so common now, that it’s “no big deal” in peoples eyes, but that is clearly not the case when they are taking a needle to your face.

Kate Moss to launch makeup and skin care line- Even though she wants to be known for something more than her drug addiction, I don’t think this will over shadow that.

Murad Holiday Guide – I want it all! Anyone have any favorites that I should knowfgwp.jpg about?

Free Gift With Purchase – Add this book to your Holiday wish list. It’s by the beauty Editor of Lucky Magazine. Can you believe she receives “between fifty and two hundred products a day”. Out of control. Jealous doesn’t even begin to describe how I’m feeling right now.

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