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Since the smokey is so in right now, and ocasionally can be hard to master, I was very excited when DuWop came out with Smoke, “the easiest way to get sultry bedroom eyes – a user-friendly palette…” I recently purchased the black/gold palette with high hopes.

Now, let me start by saying that I wanted to like this palette, I really did. And some of you reading this may think that I’m a harsh critic, but I’m not – I just have standards, espcially when I’m spending good money for these products. So, I used it several times with the hopes that my opinon would change, and I’d somehow have the hottest smokey eyes going, but I didn’t. The eye shadow is nice, but the eye liner is bascially non-existent. It’s sort of waxy, doesn’t apply well, and isn’t bold enough.

I felt a lot better about my conclusion about this product when I was just talking to a fellow beauty junkie on IM. Without even knowing what I thought about the product, here’s what she said: “I hate the eyelinner too! It is too sheer and the color is just wrong on me -I thought it would be fun/different and it just makes me look tired.”

Like I said, the eyeshadow is nice, but not worth $28. So, to my disapointment, I haven’t found the secret to creating the perfect eye yet. Have you?

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  1. Sophie

    get a easily blendable brown or black eyeliner. rim your eyes. Put just a little more on than you would like, and usually, just put it on the top. Now dip a eyeliner or eyeshadow BRUSH in vaseline. just a TEENSY BIT… more than a drop can be wayy too much. go back and forth over liner with the brush. It will give a slightly shiny appearance and smudgy look, and I love it.. it’s gorgeous. If you didn’t use eyeliner on the bottom, use the brush and rub back and forth under eyes. the color that the vaseline lifted is sitting on the brush, and it will be JUST a kiss of color, and not too much.
    curl lashes… (a cool trick if your curler’s getting old is to heat it with your blow dryer) and then put a few coats of dark brown mascara on… the brown goes with the bedroom look.
    try it. If you have questions, or like it, or don’t like it, tell me at my blog.


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