Bit By the Beauty Bug Gets a Makeover

I’m very excited to reveal the new site – what do you think? My boyfriend (thanks so much Joel) and I have been talking about it for a while, and he finally had some extra time do it.

We pretty much decided that the previous theme, while very visually appealing and representative of the content, just didn’t provide quite the amount of space “the Beauty Bug” needed. So the search was on for the perfect theme, or at least something close. Enter the Orange theme from It’s clean, crisp, balanced and provides a lot of flexibility for future changes – which we did first thing, replacing the clock with the lips, and updating the previous orange colors with a matching hue of pink. The new logo (the lips and the bee, each) were found at

So far so good, right? Please let me (us) know how you like the new look – leave a comment! Any and all feedback is more than welcome!

5 Responses to Bit By the Beauty Bug Gets a Makeover

  1. Rene @ Blog for Beauty

    LOVE the new look. Clean, sophisticated and hot, just like you Sara ;)


  2. Lydia

    Love the new site…and I dig the bee! Too cute. Guys are so handy to have around. :)

  3. kia

    great layout! i love it! keep up the good work!

  4. pauline

    i love the new look! so clean!! very nice design choice.

  5. The Boyfriend

    Hooray! I love it when everything comes together (and people like it)!

    Stay tuned folks – Sara’s got a lot of other great stuff up her sleeve.

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