New Back to MAC policy

I just got off the phone with my local MAC store and apparently they’ve changed theirBack to MAC policy. Back to MAC program is a unique program designed to promote recycling. Previously, when you turned in 6 MAC empties, you had your choice of any shade of lipstick. Now, you have your choice of a lipstick, eye shadow, or a lipgloss. This new change is great – I have a lot of empties that I’ve been holding on to because I already have the lipsticks that I want, plus, I’m more of a lipgloss girl than a lip stick girl. How did I not know about this right when they made the change in policy on 11/1/06? Oh well, better late than never. Ladies, start saving those empties – the pay-off just got that much better.

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  1. naadii salaam

    just wanted to clarify about the back to m.a.c. recycling program…i got this info directly from m.a.c. headquarters online department. it is true that you can receive a lipglass, lipstick, or eyeshadow now, but this ONLY applies at freestanding M.A.C. stores or if you mail them in to the online department. Don’t try to go to a regular M.A.C. counter in a department store and exchange for a lipglass or eyeshadow, because they only exchange for lipsticks.

    below is a link to download the back to mac form if you want to mail it in to the online dept. you can trade for lipglass and eyeshadow eventhough the form hasn’t been updated.

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