Danone to Launch Cosmetic Yogurt in the US

The French manufacturer of dairy products, who recently went organic through its subsidiary Stonyfield Farm, would plan to move into the beauty foods segment with a yogurt called Essensis. According to the French magazine LSA, this breakthrough product would appear on the shelves of mass distributors on spring 2007. According to LSA, Essensis would have detoxifying properties that would reflect on the skin.”**

This new cosmetic yogurt would fall into the “skingestibles” category of foods that continues to grow and grow. Danone claims that this yogurt will detoxify your skin. Other examples of “skingestibles” include Skincola.

Once again the beauty and health worlds colide, but I question the popularity of these products. Unless something changes, I think I’ll just stick to my plain, old, skin creams.

**Article from Beauty-On-Line; find it here.

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