Peel, then Stick


Hottiedots were released yesterday. They are fake Beauty marks – so all you beauty junkies that want to look like Cindy Crawford, here’s your easy solution. According to their website, Hottiedots are “are easy-to-apply, peel and stick, temporary beauty marks made of skin-tested, specially formulated composite material with a laminate coating, and backed with a safe, non-toxic face and body adhesive.”

While The Beauty Bug hasn’t seen these in person, she doubts they can pass for the real thing. She feels like she could pick these fake beauty marks out very easily – sorta like you’re always able to pick out the man who’s wearing the toupee, or the lady who’s wearing a wig or fake pony tail. You’re smiling because you know just what I’m talking about! I can sit here and think of so many factors that would lead the Hottiedot to fall off (sweat, rain, etc.) and make for an extremely embarrassing situation. However, as I type this, I’m looking at the website right now and due to the demand, they are on back order.

So, if anyone out there plans to try them, let me know what you think. Are they really mistakable for a real beauty mark, or just good for Halloween?

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  1. Jenny

    As far as I know, these look real. I got a pack as a beta tester, and when I put them on, nobody knew they were fake.

    So if you want any information, please let me know.

  2. Miki Lanese

    Hi Bit by the Bug: I would like to send a sample to you and then “you” can judge for yourself just how good Hottiedots! look. They do not have a fake appearance, and no; sweat, rain or moisture DOES NOT affect them. Send an address and I will forward a sample to you. Miki the creator. Bless you too for your comments even though they weren’t too flattering.

  3. Karina

    Actually the Hottiedots look amazing realistic! I don’t know how they formulated the material used to produce the marks but they are very authentic looking. I have a small faded beauty mark on my cheek that I usually darken with a pencil and the pencil application looks so obviously fake and wears off with time. Now with the Hottiedots I simply place one directly over my faded beauty mark and it last the entire day, it doesn’t even come off when I wash my face. They are so much fun that I am now experimenting with applying them to different locations. The first time I wore one I had a dance class and was dancing up close face to face with a new gentleman friend. He later complemented me on my beauty mark (now I wear one every time we get together)!

  4. The Beauty Bug

    Thanks for the offer. I am just still skeptical – I mean, another thing that just came to mind – beauty marks are never perfect circles. I’ll email you – and maybe you can prove me wrong – or maybe they just aren’t for me.

  5. Judy Parker

    I LOVE the Hottiedots – they look great, stay on and I feel sexy! They stay on beautifully, so I don’t have to worry at all about anyone thinking that they are fake.

    I’ve been getting more attention and I’m quick to share these with every woman that wants this look.

    Try them for yourself :-)
    A satisfied customer.

  6. Miki Lanese

    Okay Sara: How’s this….

    I am in a jolly mood for the Holidays….I will send out 50 free samples to whomever would like to try the product and just have glammin fun with it! Happy Holidays all of you Hotties!
    Miki the “Beauty Mark Queen”

  7. Kate

    So! Did Miki send the dots to you?
    Did you like them? What did you think?
    Do they stay on? Are they fake looking?
    Do they really work under makeup?
    I had a beauty mark removed, and feel like I’m missing it and would like to try these- would really like to know what your experience with them was like ?

  8. Eileen

    I have a real beauty mark on my face, and I wanted it off me until I discovered tonight that very sexy women in history, and even now, had beauty marks on the face.

    I was REALLY surprised that women in the 1950s even painted beauty marks on their faces to feel sexy like Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor.

    And I was REALLY, REALLY surprised how there is a company who is making fake beauty marks. Thank you for the last comment on this page about how a person removed her beauty mark (which I had wanted to do tonight) and how this person said that she missed it, and now is buying a fake one for her face.

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