You’re Fired!

While poking around online, I was shocked to come across this bit of info courtesy of Page Six:

“ALLURE offers plenty of advice to its readers, but here’s some for the beauty book’s future staffers: Don’t hawk products on eBay that were sent to the magazine for editorial use. Last week, assistant editor Molly Friedman was fired for selling beauty supplies that had been sent to Allure editors. Friedman had been working there for almost a year and was very recently promoted from her editorial assistant position. “She was asking makeup companies to send her products that hadn’t hit stores yet, and she was selling them on eBay instead of putting them in the magazine,” said our insider. “She’s pretty much banned from Condé Nast for life.” Before joining the Allure team under Editor in Chief Linda Wells, Friedman worked for Absolute magazine. Another source familiar with the situation asked, “How can she do this? You think of Allure – they are the beauty magazine. It’s pretty shocking.” Friedman could not be reached.”

Two words. STUPID GIRL. Make that stupid, stupid girl. Most girls I know would kill for that job. People like Molly continue to amaze me – why she would put her dream job in jeopardy to make a few extra bucks is beyond me.

2 Responses to You’re Fired!

  1. Lydia

    Good god! What a moron! Why throw it all away to hawk some freebies of mascara? Stupid isn’t a strong enough word!

  2. beauty chick

    I know! I read that article too and not only has she lost a great job, who’s going to hire her now? Her name has been all over the place and is now synonymous with fraud and dishonesty.

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