Flawless in New York


Just another reason I wish I lived in New York, or at least went there more often than I do. Flawless, a new beauty and skin care store, opened on 5th Ave just a few weeks ago. It promises to be a more about well-being than Sephora is, with candles lit all over the store, tea tastings, and eventually spa treatments.

Flawless offers some hard to find international brands such as Temple Spa, and plans to carry staple brands in the skin care world including Bliss and Kiehl’s.

I did some researching, and as far as I can see Flawless doesn’t have a website just yet, but I’m hoping that in time, they will.

Since I won’t be getting there anytime soon, check it out for me!*Info and picture for this article take from this article.

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