Max Factor’s Glamour Cab

Before I go on in detail what this is all about, first let me tell you – don’t get all excited because sadly, this promotion is only taking place in London. However, the concept is fabulous, and Max Factor should consider executing in here in the States next year.

Here’s the deal: Basically we all know how busy this time of year is, and it’s always hard to get that “party look” when you’re coming straight from the office. So, Max Factor has created this Glamour Cab to transform you from your work look to your party look on the way to the party. Inside the cab is Ellen Bradley, a Max Factor makeup artist. Ellen will be roaming the city, and any lucky lady she picks up will get an instant makeover. The cab has been decked out to the nines, complete with pink cushions and champagne.


“Nowadays we’re always in a hurry,” said Ms Bradley. “People are working later, have no time to go home and don’t want to carry around the clutter of a full make-up kit.

“This is an ideal way to turn a day look into a night one in the quickest possible time, and with a minimal amount of fuss.”

Pssst, Max Factor – bring this to the US next year!

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