PR Industry not Utilizing Blogs

I think we can all agree that the power of blogs these days is limitless. They are valuable, influential, inciteful, resourceful, and of course, the least expensive media outlet. This is especially true in the beauty/skin care industry because women love to talk about things they love, and things they hate. So, it’s a no brainer, right PR people? Don’t you agree – afterall, you’re getting free press. Well, according to this study, you say you agree, but your actions don’t back that up.

I’ll leave the explaining to Tony from Deep Jive Interests. Tony says:

“Yes, you can file this under “talking a good game”, because the results show that while most PR executives believe in the blogging as an effective tool to share information quickly and broadly (UK 70%, US 80%), and have a role in influencing public opinion and decision making (UK 60, US 70%), the majority do not have a blogging policy (UK 82%, US 88%), and only around a third blog for their own company or clients (UK36%, US 37%).”

Well said Tony. The public relations community is best equipped to take advantage of this digital medium, and they are truly missing the boat. The missed opportunities are literally right in front of you. So, what are you waiting for? Calling all PR professionals. Email me, and all of the other great websites out there, about your skin care or beauty client and don’t miss the numerous new channels to showcase your products.

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  1. beauty chick

    I often feel blogs are more trustworthy and interesting than magazines, which are written by committee. But hey, I’m biased. :)

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