“Product Pimping”

Earlier this week I posted something about how publicists aren’t utilizing blogs nearly enough. The crux of it is, while they say they see the importance of the blogging world, their actions don’t prove it.

Well, I recently read another article on the Pierce Mattie Blog that may explain why. Perhaps they don’t know how to approach bloggers and are doing it incorrectly. The Pierce Mattie article is amazing…it’s guide of dos and don’t about how to “pimp your product” to a blogger. Lots of learnings and a great informative read.

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  1. Shannon

    Thank you for the compliment on my post. :) I’m not technically in public relations per say, even though I am a blogger for Pierce Mattie, but I am really a beauty blogger (Makeup Minute).

    That article came as a culmination of getting so many products on a weekly basis from individual companies and being approached by PR firms. Some were professional, while others were beyond ridiculous and I wondered how in the world their products did well in the real world. I decided someone needed to tell everyone how it should be done. Hopefully there are other PR firms and brand companies out there that read it and apply it as protocol for their marketing strategies.

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