Review: E.L.F. Cosmetics

My friend Julie and both dream about leaving our respective jobs to work in the beauty industry. Right Julie? Until then, we will each maintain our product addictions. Here is Julie’s review of the much talked about E.L.F line of cosmetics:

Being the product whore that I am, I was SO excited to get an email about a special promotional offer from a new “Bloomingdales” cosmetics line (e.l.f. o “eyes, lips, face) where everything was $1 for a limited time. I am all for a deal, so I picked out about 20 different items and happily hit purchase.

If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is…
We all know by now that e.l.f. has no connection with Bloomies (though that’s not the deal breaker for me). We also know that e.l.f. is “value priced” cosmetics. So, the items will always be $1. I am all for $1 makeup if the quality is reasonable – who doesn’t love Wet N’ Wild 666 lip liner?

Sometimes you get what you pay for…
Overall I was VERY unhappy with my e.l.f. experience. First, it took FOREVER to get. I mean forever…over a month and I only received it after I sent an email to customer service. They said due to a high volume of orders shipments might be delayed, My friend at work JUST received her order today that she placed in September. She had forgotten all about it.

Additionally, the quality pretty much sucks. The eyeliners are so waxy, I can’t even use them. The brightening eyeshadow and natural radiance blusher colors are horrendous. The Earth and Water Mascara was dry and flaky. The super glossy lip shine had a horrible grape smell. I did not even bother opening the shimmering facial whip. I wish I would have spent my 20 bucks on something I REALLY wanted from Sephora.

Maybe I’m just not the demo…? These items seem better for a 12-15 year old that is just experimenting with products. In fact, I am putting them in a little holiday gift bag with a “Scream-O” CD and giving them to my 13-year-old cousin. I think she will love them.

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  1. pauline joy

    I feel the same way about ELF. If I had known (and if I hadn’t gotten too much into the “deal” part of the cosmetics line), I wouldn’t have bought as much as I did. The quality really is a dollar, but the lipglosses aren’t so bad once you get used to the smell.

    The smell really does remind me of teenyboppers and cheap makeup.

  2. allisonindy

    WARNING: NO RETURNS!!!!!!! Custom Service – nonexistent!

    I had a terrible experience with E.L.F. I ordered the 100 piece kit, thinking how much fun it would be to play with that many new colors. It took over 2 months to get the products. And when the order finally arrived, it was incomplete. An enclosed letter said I would be credited for the missing items, but I never have been. I ended up with tons (probably 80 pieces) of very, poor quality lip gloss. ELF glosses have thick, heavy, sticky texture and leaves a film on your mouth even after trying to wipe it off. My fiance hates when I wear their brand, which is fine b/c I don’t like wearing it due to the texture and appearance.

    I tried to contact ELF many time electronically and never received a response. Only after calling the number on my credit card and reaching a “this number has been changed and the new number is” recording and then trying that number did I reach a corporate headquarters recording. I left a message on a “general mailbox” option and informed them I was filing a dispute with my credit company and after a couple weeks got a call from a real person. She told me they have a NO RETURN policy. I asked where that information was available b/c I had certainly never seen it. She said if I went to their website and hit the shopping cart link, that way down in the lower right hand corner, in little letters is a link to their return policy. No returns is their policy.

    I am going to continue with the dispute paperwork from my credit card company and file a claim with the Better Business Bureau.

    I would warn anyone who is curious about this product to beware…….

  3. Shannon

    I half agree with what you said. I’ve used their Lip Shine, Hyper Shine Gloss and Moisturizing Lip Care. I loved them all. The site also tells you in advance what their lip products smell like…so I knew in advance that the Lip Shine was Vanilla Grape.

    I agree about the other products–mascara (gross and hurt my eyes), I’ve used their makeup remover (which stung my eyes) and their toner (which really did nothing for me).

    I’ve always gotten my orders 5 days after I purchased them.

    My friend is a Makeup Artist and she has said that their eye shadows were really good, but I have yet to try them.

  4. flo

    first off as a customer of elf I would like to say that I really do loveeee their products!!!

    second I want everyone to know that the bloomingdales thing came to them out of nowhere and they did the best they could to complete everyones orders in a timley fashion and they are now up to date on everythingggg

    3rd about their products…. I absolutly lovee their hypershine lip gloss its so shiney and also their moisture care lip color goes on soo smooth and both dont rub off when you eat and things like that. also their eye shadow colors are soo pretty on!! the best part is that you can make a compact with 4 clors in it of either eyeshadow colors or lip colors, you can mix and match..

    4th I think elf should continue with what they are doing its really great how they can make all their products just $1!! how can you resist???? I think that all other make up companies should stop stealing money and should and lower their prices..

    elf really is amazing!!! a $1 really does go a long way!!!

  5. Lisa

    You guys are crazy!!! E.L.F cosmetics are AMAZING!!! They are affordable and are great quality wise. I was so impressed I told everyone I know about them. Most of my friends love the products too. It is a great find!!

  6. The Beauty Bug

    Hmmm, that last comment seems a little suspicious. The Beauty bug also received 2 additional comments (which she didn’t approve) from the same email address, same IP address, but from different people. May “Lisa”, “Jennifer” and “Jessica” all be from ELF? The Beauty Bug thinks so. She’s too smart for that, so don’t test Her. We all know how awful the ELF products are.

  7. Julie

    ELF Sucks!!! Unless you are a 10 year old.

  8. Julie

    The only thing I will give ELF credit for is smart marketing/pr. You know they started that rumor about Bloomies virally…and it worked on me….and I work in marketing…go figure.

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  10. kia

    hey BB,
    I was excited when e.l.f. came to my local drugstore, but was disappointed in the quality… each item was only for $1 so i couldn’t be too mad. i made my own little quad with two shadows and and two glosses. the glosses suck! no real color just semi pasty crap. it actually smelled like hair grease. i was turned off and haven’t considered using the shadows.

  11. alisha

    elf is horrible i was so disappointed i got it like 2 months later & the packaging was crap & it was so cheap & small & bad quality. i bought almost all the lipliners which i regret. i didnt receive everything i ordered theyre a RIPOFF

  12. Christina

    I came onto the website with such high expectations. I wanted to like the products, I really did.

    But in the end, you get what you pay for. Half of my order arrived after almost 2 months, and the stuff that I really wanted was not there. The shades were not as the website had pictured, and the scent. Ew.

  13. Jenna

    I have tried one E.L.F. product, and I must say, I really like it. It’s not super amazing, but it works in a pinch. I tried the All-Over Color stick, and while it is super sparkley (seriously, like something a 12 year old going to a rave would love) I like it as a highlighter on my cheeks every once in a while and I love it as a cream shadow for nights out. Never, ever use on lips, unless you enjoy looking like a robot.

    I’d say, don’t buy from the website. Buy items one at a time from an actual store. I know Kmart and Target both stock these. That’s what I learned from most cheap lines (WnW, NYC, Rimmel, and now E.L.F.): there are hits and misses, and to minimize wallet damage, try out one item at a time.

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