Hanukkah Loot


The Beauty Bug had a truly beauteous Hanukkah thanks for her mother and step father, and her boyfriend. Thank you all.

She received clothes, and beauty products galore so expect a lot more reviews of the products pictured above. She got:

Sonicare Elite e7300 Power Toothbrush – This was a total surprise and something she’d never buy for herself, thus making it a perfect gift.

Jonathan Product Create Smooth Anti-Frizz Volumizing Serum – I’m obsessed with Jonathan and Blow Out, and am looking forward to trying this product out.

Jonathan Product Create Straight Straigtening Serum – Perfect for the Beauty Bug who straightens her hair everyday – thanks Mom.

Chanel Black Satin Nail Polish – No link to this item because you can’t buy this product ANYWHERE, but leave it to my Mom to get it. She just walked up to the counter, worked her magic and got it for me. She didn’t have one reserved or anything. I won’t attempt to tell the story, because I don’t do it justice, but I nearly lost it when I opened this up -complete with Chanel wrapping paper and a red bow. Perfection.

Patricia Wexler Universal Daily Trio – This is a great sampling of Wexler’s line and will come in handy on my upcoming trip to Florida.

Best of Origins Set – Again, I can’t find a link for this because I believe it’s sold out. It’s a 12 piece set for Origins worth $152. It’s really a great deal because all the items are full sized. I was eyeing it around Thanksgiving – and now I can’t wait to try everything.

Happy Holidays to all my fellow Beauty Bugs!

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  1. Lydia

    Oooh! Chanel Black Satin Nail Polish. You lucky girl!! Enjoy it. I’m jealous! :)

  2. Lydia

    Hey, how are you liking your jonathon product? just curious!

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