The Hassles of Returning Cosmetics

We’ve all done it – we’ve shelled out $20 for that lip gloss only to find out that it was too sticky or too sheer, or $60 for that new face cream only to discover that it’s not right for your skin type. We all have had those, “I wish I hadn’t bought this” moments. Some are almost so painful that you wish you could turn back the clock.

So, what do you do? Do you return it? Do you even want to deal with the inconvenience, humiliation (brought on by the sales clerk whom you are returning the product to) and embarrassment? Even the Beauty Bug, who is shameless in most situations, thinks twice. There’s just something weird about returning something you’ve used. But this NY Times article is telling us that we shouldn’t feel that way. It’s more common than you think, and, in fact, there’s even someone in this article who confesses that she’s a “serial makeup returner.”

I gave you the short or it, but make sure you check out that article, it’s very resourceful and breaks down the return policies of some major beauty retailers. So, the next time you think twice about returning that mascara that didn’t meet your expectations, suck it up and just return it. The way the Beauty Bug thinks of it – what’s it to the sales girl who’s taking your return – it’s not money out of her pocket, and it’s not like you’re insulting her personally. So, just return it – your wallet will be happy!

Update: I failed to mention that Sephora is GREAT with returns – they are the definition of no hassle. Just perfect in every way! Now if they’d just start carrying Laura Geller in their stores….

P.S. The Times article gave a shout out to Meg at Meg’s Makeup. I’m a huge fan as well and the recognition was well deserved.

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  1. Rene @ Blog for Beauty

    Merry Christmas Sara and have a wonderful New Year! :D

  2. Meg

    Kudos to your site! Thank-you for the megs makeup plug! I’d love to get you as a reviewer!
    Email me!!!

  3. Katie

    Sephora has Laura Geller now!

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