Dreamgirls Fun Fact

According to For the Love of Makeup, the makeup team working on the set of the movie Dreamgirls went through went through 40 jars of MAC Fluidline Eyeliner and also used between 15,000 – 20,000 pairs of fake eyelashes. Crazy numbers if you ask the Beauty Bug. Of course this doesn’t only include Beyonce and Jennifer Hudson – but the entire cast including the extras. The Beauty Buy got her jar of Fluidline last year when MAC first introduced it and while she uses it often, she barely put a dent it in. Eveyone on the set of that movie must have some big eyes!

3 Responses to Dreamgirls Fun Fact

  1. kia

    how in the world did they go through so many jars!?! madness i tell you! i’m having trouble collecting my six of anything (plastic containers) for my free lipstick!

  2. Jamie

    I also heard that Beyonce would only do the film if she could use her own stylist and makeup artist.

  3. c.c.

    Big, beautiful brown eyes! All the ladies of dreamgirls have them. Beyonce’ has got to be the most beautiful woman alive! Those other chicks ain’t bad eithier!

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