The Beauty Bugs Travels

The Beauty Bug just arrived in sunny Florida after a longer than expected, turbulent flight, and a scare while trying to make her way through security. Although she did all the appropriate research with TSA, she was still paranoid that all of her skin care products would be confiscated because trust the Beauty Bug when she says that she packed all that she could in a one-quart zip lock bag. She really began to panic when she was in line to go through security and saw that everyone else had a smaller Ziploc bag – they had the size that you bring your snacks to school in. The Beauty Bug had the freezer bag size (which she thought was the accepted size). No idea how she got through security, but she did (and thank goodness she did, because there would have been lots of tears) – and thanks very much to the Jet Blue crew member who let the Beauty Bug sneak her eye makeup remover and tweezers back into her luggage. Some people are really in the holiday spirit!

Speaking of Florida, when the Beauty Bug thinks of Florida, one of the many things that comes to mind is grapefruit because coming here every December as a child, Grandma would give her grapefruit for breakfast. The grapefruit always tasted better here. So when The Beauty bug received a sample of the Grapefruit Foaming Wash from Skinsational Spa, she purposely saved it to try in here in Florida. Stay tuned for a review tomorrow. Happy Holidays – the Beauty Bug is going to bed for some much needed beauty sleep!

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