Review: Skinsational Skin & Body Spa products

Recently, I came across a few posts about Skinsational products and became intrigued, so I visited their site and began to familiarize myself with their products and philosophy. Unfortunately, I’m on the east coast, and Skinsational Spa is on the west coast, so I wasn’t able to take part in the whole Skinsational experience, however, I was able to try some of the signature products from the Skinsational line.

skin_grftwash_l.jpgAs I just mentioned in my previous post, The Beauty Bug is currently in Florida so she purposely saved the Grapefruit Foaming Face Wash for her vacation because while here, she eats grapefruits every morning for breakfast. At first look, the Beauty Bug liked these samples more than most other samples that she has received because there were instructions on how to use the product on the sample. It’s most inconvenient when you receive a sample (especially if the product is a mask or cream),and you have to spend time searching for instructions. Now, on to the actual trial. While the cleanser has a faint citrus smell, not grapefruit, it’s probably one of the more gentler, milder cleansers that Beauty Bug has ever used. The Beauty Bug has used it for 2 straight days now, and after each use she’s left with soft, calm skin. This is one of those cleaners that’s good for anyone, it’s just so delicate and smooth.

The Azulene Moisture Creme was just as pleasant. It’s weightless, absorbs very quickly and a little goes a long way. It has a stronger scent than the face wash, – a cleaner, fresher scent that the Beauty Bug liked immediately. And in case you’re wondering, Azulene comes from the Spanish word for Blue (azul) and is an organic compound commonly used in cosmetics. Any other questions – check with the ladies over at The Beauty Brains.

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