FACE by Sephora

Still in Florida, I was having Sephora withdrawals so while at the mall tonight, I made a beeline for the store as my Mother and Grandmother shopped around. While poking around the store, I noticed a free standing display stocked with products that I didn’t recognize. At first glance, looking at the packaging from afar and seeing the word FACE front and center, a smile spread across my face because I thought that Sephora was now carrying FACE Stockholm. FACE Stockholm is a Swedish based cosmetics company that encompasses true Swedish beauty, and the Beauty Bug has a soft spot for anything Swedish. Back in May when the Beauty Bug was in Sweden, she had the privilege of visiting one of the stores, and is now kicking herself for not buying anything, or taking photos.

face.jpgBut, unfortunately, it wasn’t FACE Stockholm, but a new skin care line that Sephora just launched a few days ago, FACE by Sephora. Included in the line are 3 face washes, 2 masks, several creams, makeup removers, 2 face masks, a concealing blemish pen, along with a few other products. I was intrigued because everything was very reasonably priced, the line is very extensive, and as explained above, the simple, clean, branding attracted me. The Sephora representative gave me a sample of the Deep Down Cleanser, a gel based cleanser and a mild exfoliant. I just used it before writing this post, and I don’t love it, nor do I hate it. It’s comparable to any drug store brand (Neutrogena, Clearasil etc.). It’s extremely mild and unscented and I like my face washes to have a very clean, strong, bold smell leaving me feeling refreshed. While this face wash isn’t a must have for the Beauty Bug, she’s looking forward to experimenting with the rest of the line – especially the face masks and the shea butter.

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