First New Product of the New Year


With the New Year comes lots of new products to be used and reviewed and The Beauty Bug doesn’t want to waste any time at all. This year, among many other things, The Beauty Bug resolves to not fall asleep early without night cream on this year! Now, on to the review….

Feeling a little bit guilty for somewhat neglecting her skin these past 2 weeks, the Beauty Bug felt the need to compensate today.With the Holiday busyness, combined with stress and travel, the Beauty Bug wasn’t able to maintain her normal skin care routine – so now it’s back on track! Today she tried The Murad Exfoliating Fruit Enzyme Mask. Made with papaya fruit and pineapple juice enzymes, the mask promises to “gently dissolve away dead surface cells and reveal newer, more radiant skin.” Immediately after putting it on, the Beauty Bug felt a very tingly, refreshing feeling of the mask breaking down into her skin, which made me feel like it was actually working. It was the sort of feeling you get when you use a glycolic cleanser, except it lasted for a good 10 minutes – extremely invigorating.

After about 10-15 minutes, I removed the mask and my skin is very soft and smooth. It’s recommended that you use this mask 2 times per week – I’m looking forward to doing that and making my skin even more smooth, with a more even texture. Next time, The Beauty Bug will add a crushed up aspirin tablet to the mask to make it more of a paste, and to add some BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acids) to further exfoliate and clarify. For those of you looking for an aspirin mask recipe, here are 2 that are quite easy. Just remember to buy the dissolvable tablets!

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  1. A

    Where can you get this stuff? I’m interested in trying it.

  2. The Beauty Bug

    Hi Anna!!! For some reason, it’s more expensive at Sephora than it is at Bath and Body. You can get the little “to go” set with 4 masks individually packaged for $7.50 at Bath and Body works. If you get it, let me know what you think!

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