2007 Makeup Trends

Looking at the year ahead, the trends emerging seem to be those of metallics and golds. Metallics can be what you make of them – they can be sheer, yet brightening and eye catching at the same time – or they can make you look daring and forward if you choose to use a lot. As Linda Wells, the famous Allure Beauty Editor said, “It (metallic colors) has a huge range of effects – and it definitely makes you look more awake.” This metallic movement will no doubt emerge in nail polishes as well, but the Beauty Bug will stick with her old stand-by, Lincoln Park After Dark or Essie’s Wicked. She was all about the vamp look before the craze this year, and she’ll still be all about it in 2007.

Linda also predicts the demise of bronzer as a way of looking tan. The Beauty Bug is really excited about this trend specifically because there’s nothing worse than bronzer that’s poorly applied, thus making the person look orange. If you’re looking for some products that support this trend, check out the 2 new mineral powders from MAC’s Danse collection. The Beauty Blog circuit has already spoke about this collection at length so I won’t, but the Glissade (the bronzer of the two) is just the write amount of muted bronze, and the Lightscapade (it’s already sold out) is just the most perfect finisher that provides a fresh pinky matte look.

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