Skyn Iceland Cool Therapy Face Mask

As I mentioned before, ever since The Beauty Bug got back from Iceland, she’s had a soft spot for all things Icelandic. The trip was magical, and therefore all things relating to the country are as well. So, it only makes sense that the Beauty Bug has high hopes for the skin care line, Skyn Iceland.

A while back a skin care representative from Sephora gave The Beauty Bug one of Skyn Iceland’s Cool Therapy Face Masks because Skyn Iceland was changing all their packaging and the particular Sephora that I was at had some of the old packaging left. The mask is sort of like a do-it-yourself type thing, and that process intrigued The Beauty Bug, so she put on her white lab coat, and got to work read the instructions hoped for the best.


You place the tablet in a bowl, and then empty the vial of blue liquid and wait until it’s completely absorbed by the tablet. See the photos above. The Beauty Bug would have posted a photo of her with the mask, but she didn’t want to scare anyone off and have you never come back to her site again, it’s bad enough that she scared her boyfriend! After the tablet has soaked up all the liquid and expanded, you’re supposed to carefully unfold the mask and press it onto your face. The Beauty Bug was nervous about this, she thought for sure that the mask would rip, but it surprisingly didn’t. Just be sure to be gentle.

You have the option of leaving the mask on for 10 minutes for a “refreshing pick-me-up” or for 20 for an “intensive treatment.” The Beauty Bug opted to leave the mask on for 20 minutes, but results were somewhat lacking. While the mask was calming and left The Beauty Bug face soft, there refreshing factor (and that’s the selling point of this product) was quite low – The Beauty Bug deems that you could get just as much or more refreshment by washing your face with glycolic cleanser. With these results, The Beauty Bug can not justify spending $55 on a 4-pack of these masks. Let’s hope the rest of the Skyn Iceland line is better.

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    [...] Overall, the experience wasn’t a very pleasant one and The Beauty Bug was a bit disappointed because She wanted to like it. She was most surprised at the fit of the mask. While The Beauty Bug wasn’t particularly impressed with a similar Skyn Iceland mask, at least it fit her face and wasn’t awkward. Yes, he skin was left soft, but nothing remarkable. [...]

  2. Alarming Darling

    I tried their “cooling” eye cream? And it burned. Not so much with the impressed. When I told the Sephora MAs that, they were surprised, of course.

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