Hottiedots! Contest


When you think of Cindy Crawford, what’s one thing that comes to mind? Her signature beauty mark? Thought so. Great minds think alike!

Well, here’s your chance to get that sexy, glamorous beauty mark that you always wanted – and no, I’m not talking about with pencils, liquid applicators or markers that run the risk of smudging. I’m talking about the new Hottiedots! They are fun, playful and can go anywhere you want – and best of all, they don’t wear off. Now, you may remember back when Hottiedots were first released, The Beauty Bug was a bit skeptical, but she wants you to prove her wrong and tell her just how great Hottiedots! are. 20 lucky Beauty Bug readers will win their own pack of Hottiedots! – but there’s one catch. You have to promise to email The Beauty Bug a photo of you, or you and your friends with your new Hottiedots on. To enter, simply email me at with your name and address by 5:00PM EST on Wednesday, January 10th. Remember, if you send me your photos you’re agreeing to let The Beauty Bug post them on all so everyone can see how beautiful and sassy you are with your new Hottiedots!

Good luck!

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