Don’t Drink the Bath Water….

I’ll start this post off with an IM conversation I just had with my friend Ami:

Sara: How did I not know that there is a Hershey Spa that gives chocolate treatments?

Ami: I have been, it’s fab

Sara: OMG, I have to go

Seriously, how did I not know about this – I call myself the Beauty Bug, someone who you can turn to for beauty advice, but I didn’t know about a spa that combines two things of womens most favorite things. It’s definitely a shameful day for the Beauty Bug.

But, now that we do know about it, let’s focus our attention on the whipped cocoa baths, the chocolate hydrotherapy, and the cocoa massages (among other things) that they offer. Drooling yet? I know.

The Hershey Spa is in the Hotel Hershey in Hershey, PA and offers a variety of spa treatments – some with chocolate, and others without. If you and your girlfriends can’t get their immediately, here’s a recipe:

Note: As I’m sure you can imagine, the hotel’s recipe is super-secret – but here’s the tweeked home version:

Chocolate Bath
1 serving
1 bathtub
1/8 cup Hershey’s unsweetened cocoa powder
1/3 cup instant nonfat dry milk
1/2 cup unscented bubble bath
Mix ingredients with water, turn off lights, turn on whirlpool or stir by hand, add yourself. Dissolve. Do not drink the bath water.

**Thanks to The Ithaca Journal for this recipe and their great article.

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