The Beauty Bug Thinks it’s Vamp…

vamp.jpgThe Beauty Bug is so lucky to have one of her bestest friends from childhood as a guest blogger – we’ll call her Vamp. The Beauty Bug fondly remembers her and Vamp obsessing over MAC makeup and their then new perfume line. In fact, The Beauty Bug and Vamp were complete MAC snobs (not much has changed for the Beauty Bug) – we bonded over our MAC collection. We went for our weekly manicures and had the hardest time deciding which shade of red to pick even though they were all the same. Vamp even went as far as to do her nails in the middle of honors Spanish class junior year – it was OPI’s Malaga Wine. It wasn’t until recently that the Beauty Bug realized that Malaga is a city in Spain so whether the teacher thought so or not, Vamp’s nail polish really did pertain to the Spanish class. And yes my Dear Friend Vamp, OPI still makes Malaga Wine.

And if it wasn’t Malaga Wine, it was Chanel’s Vamp that graced our finger nails. Back then, Vamp was our Black Satin. We were obsessed with Vamp – it was always on our minds. The Beauty Bug distinctively remembers one Friday – She and Vamp were at the local movie theater. It was a more serious movie, so the crowd was quiet. There was a close up of the female leads finger nails and Vamp excited blurted out “I think it’s Vamp! – definitely loud enough for the whole theater to hear. For some odd reason, The Beauty Bug compares it to the scene in Dirty Dancing when Baby’s mother exclaims, “I think she gets this from me!” Vamp was just innocently calling it as she saw it…..

Read about her switch from MAC to Chanel….

I’ve been using MAC since middle school. I loved it! Plus, I’ve have always had a small acne problem and MAC was amazing at covering up my problem areas. However, for years my mother harassed me about having a makeup line around my face and would always tell me my makeup never matched my skin tone. She said my makeup looked caked on. Soon, she had my father agreeing with her. They thought the MAC studio makeup was made for the people in front of a camera. And of course, because she’s my mother, I ignored her and thought she was just plain wrong.

About 2 years ago I started a new job as an event planner in New York City. In this business, it is important to look your best especially at high profile events. About a month into my new job, one of my co-workers approached me about my makeup and made the same comments my parents had been making for years! She said she wanted to help. She had only known me about a month when she made these comments, so I realized my parents may have been right. And that day, after over 10 years of exclusive MAC use, we went to the Chanel counter and I was a changed woman.

I quickly learned about Chanels oil free line!! That day I bought Chanel Double Perfection Compact Intensity 4, and a powder blush in Cedar Rose. For the days that I feel like I need more coverage, I use Chanel Teint Fluide Universel Multi-Vitamin Natural Make-Up with SPF 15 before I apply the powder. That evens out my skin tone. When I don’t use the tint, I always apply an oil-free moisturizer before the powder.

Soon after I started using these products, my acne improved. It did not disappear, but it improved. No miracles here girls, sorry! Also, my face did not get as oily by the end of day. Best part is, I feel like I don’t have any make up on and the shades match my skin tone perfectly. I am now complimented on my complexion, and more importantly, my mother is pleased. Most people don’t even know I have make-up on – they always comment on my natural look.

I have to say a big thank you to my co-worker. Without her, I would still be walking around with a makeup line and an unnatural look! Now I am obsessed with Chanel. Sorry Beauty Bug! We’ll always have Vamp!

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  1. laurie slosberg in charge of the skin care for dr George Volpe in Boston.he is chief of plastic surgery at St Elizabeths.I am also the best friend of sherrri kaufman, who is jaimes mom……I love your site and if i can help you medically in any way, let us know..xolaurie



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