Review: Dior HydrAction Defense Fluid


In the world of The Beauty Bug, the Dior brands’ strength is its’ mascara. Occasionally, she thought about buying a Dior Lip Gloss, or a red lipstick, but other than that, the Dior Brand meant Dior Show Mascara to The Beauty Bug. That was until She was given a sample of Dior’s HydrAction Deep Hydration Defense Fluid – that was when her perception of the brand changed.

The Deep Hydration Fluid is lovely. Sephora tells me that it “encourages more efficient water circulation between skin cells, for increased radiance and a youthful glow.” Does it do that? The Beauty Bug doesn’t know. But, she does know that when she puts it on her skin is feels lush and silky. Last night she used the cream, and climbed into bed, experiencing the same softness that she had before. She’s used it 3 times now. Each time immediately after applying the cream she crawls into bed and pulls the covers up to her chin and her skin feels feather-like against her comforter. It took her a while to come up with the appropriate adjective, but She finally landed on feather-like and is pretty happy with it, because her skin really does feel warm and velvety. After experiencing the Defense Fluid, she can only imagine what the HydrAction Mask feels like.

P.S. It looks like Sephora spelled HydrAction wrong in the description of the Defense Fluid – they added an extra “A”. It’s ok Sephora, we all make mistakes!

2 Responses to Review: Dior HydrAction Defense Fluid

  1. kia

    sounds great for a sample, but is it worth the price tag?

  2. The Beauty Bug

    I would say so – go into Sephora and ask for a sample and try it. I love the way it makes my skin feel!

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