The Emergence of the Bath Butler

Ladies, when you check into a new hotel for the first time, what’s the first thing you look at? The bathroom of course!Well, what you are offered in that bathroom may now start to change…

Today, while waiting for an appointment, The Beauty Bug noticed this article from the NY Times Style section. She was looking for something to read and the word “bath” nearly jumped out at her and she was of course intrigued. You see, the Beauty Bug loves a good bath. In fact, this past spring while looking for a condo to buy, she refused to look at any that didn’t have a bath.

Now, back to the article. It seems that a trend among top hotels now is to offer a beauty bar in the bathroom with a selection of spa-worthy products for purchase. Some are even going one step further and offering a bath butler who will draw you a bath, light some candles and do everything they can to insure that you are completely relaxed. This is brilliant, and I really don’t know why it took hotels so long to begin doing this. They are going after the consumer who may be tired after traveling or along day of work, the consumer who doesn’t want to leave their hotel room for anything, and the consumer who’s willing to splurge because they are away from home and they deserve it.

This Beauty Bug doesn’t stay in hotels often, so until she does, she’ll just continue to build her own personal beauty bar!

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